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How to make secussful facebook group

Hi,friends today our topic is make own group(facebook).welcome back on my blog kya?kaise? Dosto. Ok let's move toward on today topic is make own group(facebook)        I know almost people are know answer of this question.but these guys who join facebook recent read this post carefully.

About facebook:- Facebook is a second popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. Are you know facebook have one billion user. Now I knew a little bit about you're Facebook.
How to create Facebook account:- I know what think about me.you are thinking what he is telling us.yes friend I know you are export in facebook.so I don't want to waste my time on this topic let's move toward.
Create facebook account

What is group(facebook):-
Groups are meant to be a close circle of people who share & keep in touch on Facebook.
People tend to create them around things like:

TopicsBooks ,
Their business,
 siteSupport ,
News etc.          
facebook group picture

Why you want to create facebook group:- yes,friends this is very important question.because many people is making group without know answer of this question.so you don't create group without reason.I mean if you make a facebook group then you use it.

How to create facebook group:- friends we will know how to create facebook group in this topic. Now without time waste i come on topic. First of all open the facebook app.then you see a new page like this........
Facebook page
You look at top of page. There are four icon I think you know about this four icon very well. But we not use of first three icon we just use fourth icon. Click on fourth icon then you see......
facebook page manu
There you found many options. There is one option is groups you click on groups option then you see. You seen three name top of page. First is groups,second is discover and at last is create......
Facebook group page
Now you click on create then open a new page for create a new facebook group. You see a button create group..
For create group page
When you click on create group then open a new page.this page is very important for create facebook group. you fill-up this page.
Create group page
At top of page you see a icon. Click on this icon and upload a picture for group profile. Next option is group name fill-up group is there.and after that you select friends from below. And click on top corner(next).

Group profile icon
Then open a new page  there are three option you select a option and click on top page corner(create).

When you click on create then open a new page this is your facebook group page....

Now you had made a facebook group.so at last enjoy on your own group.and if you like my this post then don't forget like and share.thanks for visit on my blog.Read more

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