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how to delete your own page on facebook

Many people have many own facebook page.I think you also have. When or no handle own people then he want delete own facebook page but he can't delete it.so today I tell you that how to delete own facebook page.let's move toward.
First of all you open the facebook application and after you go on your page.

Group home page

Now you cilck on top of page corner you see a new page this page open like this...
Option for group

Click on edit setting. When you click on edit setting that you see a new page.
Group setting option
You click on general.a page had opened you go down...
Group general setting

You see a button end of page.this button is permanently delete your page name.

When you click on parmanently delete your page name a page open like this.....

Now you click on delete button.Friends now your facebook page remove from your facebook account. I hope you like this post. More read

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